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The Most Encouraging Signs of an Improving Sea Trout Run for Five Years

Sunday, June 14th, 2009

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The last week has seen the most encouraging signs of an improving sea trout run for five years. The quality and numbers of sea trout already in the river is as good as we would have expected ten years ago.

It will be  interesting to see if the numbers continue to increase into July, or whether they fade out as they have in recent seasons. Sea trout are now present in good numbers in Indies, the Boat Pool, Haughs and Volcano. If the shoals continue to build up as they are now we can expect some good sport in late June and July.

There are still plenty of salmon running  after last week’s spate and, although we only caught two, there are fresh fish in all the main pools.

Yesterday I caught a 5lbs sea trout in Harry’s Bar. It was unusual in that it took in the middle of the day, but this was an aggressive fresh cock fish in prime condition, obviously having enjoyed excellent feeding at sea. It took a size 16 silver double blue charm.

When wading across the tail of Indies, I disturbed a shoal of about a dozen sea trout which then swam up into the main dub of the pool; a sure sign that fish are beginning to hold up in the main pools.

The most exciting fishing of all in my opinion is now just starting. You begin to fish at dusk, not knowing whether it will be a fresh -run sea trout of three pounds that will take your fly and give you a hair-raising struggle before you net it, or whether it will be a salmon, perhaps a twelve pound fresh fish which quietly takes your fly as the light is fading. Playing a fish like that into the dusk is a real ‘Finavon experience’! It happens three or four times a year, and always surprises the fisherman concerned.

7lb Sea Trout from Craigo Stream Pool (Returned)

7lb Sea Trout from Craigo Stream Pool (Returned)

There are still some days available in July if you like fishing at night  …well, at this time of year it doesn’t get fully dark.