Last Week Saw 10 Salmon and 2 Sea Trout Caught at Finavon

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Last week saw 10 salmon and 2 sea trout caught at Finavon. As is normal before the end of May, Milton Beat fished best, but fish were seen and caught on all four beats. The sea trout were in exceptionally good condition, and we had three salmon over 10lbs.

As I write this bulletin on the 24th of May, the river is running down after a long period of high water. Restrictions on killing sea trout and salmon end on the 31st of May, but we will be asking our rods to continue returning fish until the end of June. This is because of the widespread concern about spring salmon stocks and the continuing low numbers of sea trout.

Prospects for the coming week, beginning on 25th May are good, and it will be interesting to see if the sea trout continue to show in Finavon’s pools. If we get more water we should also see more late-running spring salmon.

Beeches Pool from the Aqueduct - Milton Beat

Beeches Pool from the Aqueduct - Milton Beat

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