A New Pool at Finavon

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Expert angler and woodsman, Derek Strachan, and I have spent the last few days opening up our new pool – to be called the Tollmuir Pool,  formerly known as Monica’s Stream.  We now have a major new salmon pool with at least 12 feet of depth in the centre, a run at the head, and a long tail under the shadow of some willows. I am predicting that Tollmuir will prove to be one of the great salmon and sea trout pools of the South Esk. I can’t wait to fish it for sea trout at night!

Great View of the Head of Tollmuir Pool

Great View of the Head of Tollmuir Pool

Meanwhile the season continues following a flurry of activity in April. The spring run of two-sea-winter salmon has slowed down, although we are still seeing the occasional fish, including some sea trout.

After seeing three very large salmon (probably three-sea-winter fish) at Haughs (Bogardo Beat) in mid April, we caught a very small salmon (not a grilse) which at just under 4lbs indicates that perhaps something is not right in the marine environment. Since then we have seen more normal size fish entering the river and, as I write this bulletin on the 8th of May, the river is well up but a little more coloured than it should be for the best chance of catching a spring salmon. If the weather settles, and the river can then drop back and clear, we should see some action.

Prospects for the coming week, beginning on 11th May are good, but everything now depends on whether the spring run of salmon is late. If it is, then the rest of May should provide good sport. The South Esk is of course 100% catch-and-release to the end of May, which is to be extended to 30th June on a voluntary basis.

TA 10/5/2009

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