Big Frosts, a gentle breeze and sycamore leaves

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After the big spate at the weekend the river level dropped slowly to give us a good day on Monday with seven fish to 12lbs, most of them coloured, but two fresh grilse amongst the catch. All were returned.

A sharp frost two nights running ensured that leaves were hanging onto their branches by a thread, and they fell in blizzards at the slightest movement of air. A large sycamore leaf, propelled by a strong current, feels tantalisingly like the draw of an autumn salmon taking the fly.

Autumn Sycamore Leaf

Autumn Sycamore Leaf

With rain now forecast and the days shortening, we are into that late October raw cold and sogginess, which is why swallows and wise men and women head south. In my opinion there are very few fresh fish coming into FCW pools; just the occasional bright grilse, most of which are small (4lbs or so) and thin, but not as emaciated as some I have seen.

Simon Walter caught a salmon and a grilse yesterday in Kirkinn and Willows, and Jack Dobie had a 5lbs grilse today in Tyndals. Some fish have been showing but very little response except a big dark fish took Simon’s fly, again in Kirkinn, but detached itself soon afterwards. This is very much an end of season scenario!


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