Winter work at Finavon

These bulletin blogs represent news about Finavon and the South Esk, and my views as a riparian owner. While I may digress at times to write about other places, these are not the views of any other organisation, nor are they designed to promote the interests of any individual or organisation other than Finavon Castle Water and factors affecting the fishery. Tony Andrews

Indies Hut

Before: Indies Hut with its flat roof. We decided to make it look less like a container and more like a proper hut, so we painted the flat, rusting and potentially leaky roof with a gooey bitumen paint after cleaning it up a bit. Then we erected a light-construction roof with hand-cut larch shingles. The result is below, and I think adds a bit of rusticity yto the hut, as opposed to the ambience of a badly camouflaged container port.


After: Indies Hut with its new shingles-clad & pitched roof. When eventually the honeysuckle grows up the trellis surrounds I am hoping you would never know that underneath all the camouflage lies a bog-standard ship’s container!

Winter work is all about maintenance and improvements. The modern angler expects to have shelter – a place to get out of the rain and wind, or a place to snooze during a night’s sea trout fishing. It is no longer acceptable for people to pay rents and find themselves fishing out of the boot of their car! Finavon Castle Water prides itself on the whole experience, of which fishing for salmon and sea trout is the most important part. So, we sell the experience of being in a beautiful place with simple, modern facilities and the chance of a fish. We do not sell fish by numbers, although there are occasions when the South Esk can be generous!

The 4 huts at FCW, one on each of the 4 beats, are sited to give our visitors a special view of the river. Vehicle access and parking is adjacent to the huts and the location of each is private and exclusive. Actually, the setting of all 4 huts can be rather romantic, depending of course on what your inclinations and stage of life may be!


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