Low water, the first since March!

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Despite the low water level, where on our webcam there is only a paltry stream around the north side of the Armchair Rock, Sally Bateman caught a grilse in House Pool (see the photo below) bringing the FCW salmon catch to 99 in 2012. Congratulations to Sally, and to her ghillie, Moray Macfarlane, for advising her to fish House Pool at the right moment in the day.

Sally Bateman's grilse from House Pool

Sally Bateman with her grilse from House Pool. She caught this fish in very low water in bright sunlight. 

Listening to the jungle drums from upstream and downstream of Finavon it appears that, even in these low water conditions, fresh MSW fish are running. Earlier in the week Moray reported fresh fish in Finavon’s pools and from Inshewan and Cortachy I understand 5 or 6 salmon have been caught, some of them fresh. We need water!

The netting extension ended last weekend but there has been no news of Usan Fisheries’ catches during the extension period. The important thing is that the river is now open to our late running salmon, and any sea trout yet to migrate into the river.

TA on 20/9/2012

Update on 21st September with a report from Milton Beat. Again, another day’s fishing in sunny and low water conditions, but not too difficult for Julian Staples, who caught a very nice grilse of 6lbs from Tyndals Pool. Julian is an expert at eliciting responses from salmon and sea trout in Tyndals. There are many people who fish Finavon regularly who beliueve Tyndals is our best pool. It is certainly a very nice pool to fish. TA

Update on 26 September Yesterday and the night before saw the worst September storm we have seen for many years. I am just glad I wasn’t at sea! A quick glance at the FCW webcam today shows a nice autumn spate that peaked during the night and is now starting to drop back. There should be fresh fish in all four beats later in the day and I expect catches to stasrt to pick up today and for the rest of the week. TA

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