Spring salmon heading for the glens

These bulletin blogs represent news about Finavon and the South Esk, and my views as a riparian owner. They are not the views of any other organisation, nor are they designed to promote the interests of any individual or organisation other than Finavon Castle Water and factors affecting the fishery.  Tony Andrews

In the 4 decades I have fished the South Esk I have come to recognise that the spring run of salmon is very often a race to the glens! Today’s heavy showers have kept a full and clear river nicely topped up giving salmon fresh from the sea the incentive they need to forge quickly upstream. Now the dams, except Kinnaird which is no longer a serious obstacle, have all gone there is nothing to hinder the early upriver migration. Over the weekend it is likely that good numbers of fish ran through and anglers at Finavon have seen ‘penny packets’ of fish passing through all day long.

Jock Mencum's 12lbs salmon

Jock Mencum intercepted a beautiful sea-liced cock salmon of 12lbs at Willows, which has always been a classic stopping place for a hard working springer. Finavon’s seventh salmon of 2012.

12lbs salmon

12lbs salmon

Because this is the first proper week of the season, with salmon showing in reasonable numbers, I will keep this blog updated throughout the week. People who read these bulletins regularly may want to attend the Esks AGM which is on Thursday at 1800 in the Northern Hotel in Brechin. Dr John Armstrong and Julian Maclean of Marine Scotland Science will be talking about progress of the spring salmon radio tagging project. Please come if you can.

TA on 23/4/2012

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